All around the world people believe that the arrangement of celestial bodies influences their life and determines the character, and that knowledge about planets and stars helps predict the future. Asian and European cultures differ in many aspects, such as religion and customs. This is also the case when it comes to the calendar and to zodiac signs. If you are curious about a Japanese horoscope, you must read this article.

Japanese blood type horoscope

It is widely believed in the Country of Cherry Blossoms that blood types determines the personality, predispositions and behaviours, as well as relations with others. The origins of this theory are attributed to Japanese professor Takeji Furukawa, who published an article characterising people with specific blood types in 1930. The ketsueki-gata idea is so popular to this day that horoscopes in newspapers and TV shows are based on blood types, and books about this subject are true bestsellers. Besides, blood types are used to choose the right partner. The best couples are made of people with the same blood types, while people with AB blood cells can partner with anyone.

Character according to blood types

40% of the Japanese have blood type A. According to horoscope, they are peaceful, polite, responsible and patient. They do not feel comfortable in large groups of people, they tend to be stubborn and they become stressed easily. People with blood type B are individuals focused on pursuing their own goals. They are guided by reason, and may appear as indifferent and distanced. Type 0 is believed to entail optimism and leadership skills. Those who have it are seen as energetic and open. But they have a problem with punctuality. People with blood type AB combine the features attributed to both A and B, which is why they are considered complicated, unpredictable and eccentric.

Japanese zodiac signs

Japan follows the Chinese astrological system divided into 12 signs (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig). Such division is connected with the Jupiter cycle around the Sun, which lasts about 12 years. Every year is represented by a different zodiac sign and the related characteristics. There are additionally 5 elements, known as Celestial Stems (water, earth wood, fire, metal), which change every year, giving a different spiritual colour to a particular sign.

Animal nature

According to Chinese horoscope, people born under a particular zodiac sign have qualities characteristic of the assigned animals. Rat – it is meticulous, intelligent, clever, ambitious and practical. Its vices are obstinacy and vindictiveness.

Ox – responsible, thorough, generous and caring but also jealous, stubborn and petty.

Tiger – its virtues are: courage, confidence, honesty and thoroughness. Unfortunately, it also tends to be reckless, selfish and impulsive.

Rabbit – it is sensitive, well-mannered, modest and tactful but also shy and prone to hypochondria.

Dragon – noble, ambitious and dignified, vigorous and strong but also ruthless, lordly and arrogant.

Snake – characterised by wisdom and empathy, sharp and honourable. Its negative qualities are seriousness and indifference.

Horse – pleasant, intelligent, independent and cheerful, tends to be restless, fickle and selfish.

Goat – the strengths of this sign are: creativity, generosity and empathy, and vices: irresponsibility and laziness.

Monkey – it is versatile, witty, intelligent and full of life but also headstrong, conceited and manipulative.

Rooster – brave, witty, loyal and hard-working. Its greatest vices are: pretentiousness, tendency not to honour its promises.

Dog – people born under this zodiac sign are honest, loyal and devoted to their loved ones. Still, they can be mean and unpleasant.

Pig – very social, honest and funny. Its greatest vices are: lack of self-discipline and hot-headedness.

Japanese numerology

Legend has it that Hideyoshi’s horoscope originated in the court of the first shogun almost a thousand five hundred years ago. A numerology horoscope assumes assigning the right planet or star to a specific number. To find your Japanese zodiac sign, add all the digits from your date of birth, and keep adding up the digits of the result until you get a one-digit value. Horoscopes and fortune telling have accompanied people for thousands of years. Some are based on ancient traditions and science, and others – on completely new observations. Regardless of their type and origin, even very modern societies want to believe that this will help them take a peek into the future.

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