Enjoy an extraordinary culinary journey with OYAKATA straight to Asia, where a true mastery of taste is waiting for you! Try YAKISOBA Asian dishes available in different variants: teriyaki chicken, classic, beef with wasabi, curry, pad thai and Korean barbecue, ideal as a quick, tasty meal. The aromatic sauce and flavourful spices combined with noodles and the addition of pieces of vegetables and meat make YAKISOBA dishes an extremely filling meal. YAKISOBA is the perfect “TO GO” dishes, in cups with innovative lids to ensure convenience and easier preparation.

If you’re dreaming of a real culinary journey to Japan, RAMEN soups are the perfect way to discover the secrets of the cuisine there! The most popular Japanese flavours, such as chicken, miso, soy sauce and pork, are available in bags or cups. RAMEN soups are also the perfect base for creating your own unique culinary inspirations. You can enrich them with your favourite vegetables, shrimp, pieces of meat, and eggs to create a dish that meets your culinary expectations.

Enjoy the extraordinary flavours of OYAKATA, O YA!