Japanese cuisine is popular not only among adults across the world. Dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun are eagerly consumed by the little ones as well. Children cannot have enough of Japanese delicacies – here are four of the most popular ones!

Japanese dishes for children

Children can be very fussy when it comes to their chosen menu. This is why it is a good idea to serve them dishes which deviate from traditional Polish and European flavours. Japanese cuisine can appear new and attractive, both when it comes to its flavour and aesthetics. In addition, Japanese dishes give you the opportunity to feed your appetite for aesthetics as well – dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun can take many forms, they can look like animals, cartoon characters or colourful pictures.

Kids recipe ideas

The Japanese make sure that their children like the dishes made by their parents, turning every meal into a unique and fun adventure. Japanese cuisine, often teeming with colours, draws its inspiration from cartoons and nice-looking pictures. Rice dishes (e.g. onigiri) are often made to resemble animals or popular characters. As a result, children are more eager to eat attractive-looking meals, and parents can rest assured that their little ones enjoyed their meal.

Four Japanese dishes for children

What can serve as a source of inspiration when making Japanese meals for children? First and foremost, it is important to master the arcana of Japanese cuisine and of the most popular dishes in particular. Only after you have mastered their recipes can you proceed to making “kids” versions of the dishes. Your child is sure to love one of the following four dishes:

1. Sushi

A Japanese classic, it can be a real hit with the kids! As it turns out, its delicate flavour, combined with its pleasant appearance, makes it irresistible to young connoisseurs.

2. Onigiri

Onigiri is a Japanese rice snack. Its malleability means that you can shape it into your child’s favourite character from a cartoon, a panda bear, cat or other animal that your child likes. With the addition of various vegetable and seaweed decorations, you can make your onigiri even more colourful and attractive.

3. Bento

Bento are breakfast baskets which often serve as lunch boxes. Bento can include both sushi and onigiri, as well as vegetables, fruit and other ingredients. Such a breakfast is sure to be a source of envy of all peers!

4. Yakisoba

Japanese yakisoba is another dish liked by both children and adults. The noodles are delicate in flavour and, with the addition of soy or sesame sauce, vegetables and high-quality meat, the dish is a perfect replacement for a traditional dinner for your little ones. The long noodles will be a source of much laughter and fun, and carefully chosen ingredients will ensure that your child’s meal is nutritious.

Delight for children

Japanese cuisine has fans all over the world. It is no wonder that it is also irresistible to children! The sheer amount of colourful, delicate dishes without too many spices means that children cannot get enough of the delicacies from the Land of the Rising Sun.

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