Going to restaurants is quite a treat for visitors to Japan. The unique and delicious food they serve is just one aspect of the Japanese restaurant experience. From the perspective of a tourist, visiting Japanese restaurants is mainly about their authentic atmosphere. Japan's restaurants are unique for the central themes they select to attract the attention of tourists, such as manga, sushi, horror cinema, cats, and many others. The following list includes just a handful of unique Japanese venues.

1. Macaque waiters – Kayabukiya Tavern, Utsunomiya

If you visit Kayabukiya Tavern in Utsunomiya, Japan, early in the evening, you have a chance of being served by a macaque monkey instead of a human waiter. The monkeys wearing restaurant uniforms: shorts, chequered shirts and ties, deliver orders to customers’ tables, receive peanuts as tips and are extremely happy about their work.

2. Transylvania-style restaurant – Vampire Cafe, Tokyo

The capital of Japan offers many eccentric food venues. One of them is Vampire Cafe, where fans of Count Dracula, Gothic themes and heavy music will find everything they could wish for. The restaurant decor features crimson interiors, velvet drapes, candles, coffins and a variety of props related to the world of vampires. Drinks and dishes are served in glasses and bowls with shapes resembling skulls, coffins and other death-themed items. You can even order blood-red shots served in syringes.

3. Cat cafe – Nyafe Melange, Tokyo

In Tokyo alone there are almost 40 venues known as “cat cafes”. One of these is Nyafe Melange, home to 23 cats that entertain and relax the customers, make purring sounds and walk between the tables. Japan’s cat cafes have inspired similar venues all over the world, including in Poland.

4. Ninja-style meal – Ninja Akasaka, Tokyo

If you are a fan of the stealth movements of Japanese ninja, the restaurant is a perfect place for you. The interior design is dominated by black and the entrance is hidden. The inside consists of narrow corridors and “concealed” places where the guests can sit. Meals are served by ninja waiters, dressed all in black, emerging from the dark corners of the restaurant. Dishes are served in a way that is just as eccentric – in clouds of smoke or for instance in flames.

5. Restaurant among the clouds – Unkai Terrace, Hidaka

The restaurant located high in the Tomamu area, Hidaka mountains, is another place that offers unforgettable experience. Unkain means “sea of clouds” in Japanese, which is exactly what you can view from the restaurant’s terrace accessible by a special gondola lift.

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Unique spots and restaurants are to be found at every step in Japan. Before you go, take a closer look at the attractions you would like to visit so as not to miss anything. To plan your perfect holiday, you can consult some of the many guides, online blogs and portals about Japan and its culture.

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