Japan has a number of attractions which may satisfy even the most demanding tourist. Natural landscapes, temples, museums and breathtaking views represent just a few aspects of the country's appeal. The shopping and restaurants districts are equally popular, the Kappabashi street in Tokyo, famous for its culinary shops, being a perfect example.

A street of culinary shops

Kappabashi is one of the most renowned streets in Tokyo, situated between two other districts: Ueno and Asakusa. Despite its popularity, it is not flooded with tourists and few people can be met there during the day. Peace and quiet in the crowed capital city of Japan is a rare view – which is just one more reason to add this place to your Tokyo tour. The most frequent customers of the street’s shops are restaurant owners, who come there for supplies.

Kappabashi street

The Kappabashi street will please all food lovers – not only chefs and restaurant owners but also hobbyists and those who like to cook. Kappabashi-dori is where you will find practically all you need for cooking – from basic kitchen accessories, such as cutlery, knives, chopping boards, plates and pots, to specialised culinary equipment used by the world’s top restaurants. Also known as the Kitchen Town, it additionally offers amusing items of much narrower application, such as fake plastic food, which you can make there on your own.

Ueno and Asakusa

Ueno and Asakusa are places where you can feel the atmosphere of the pre-war Tokyo, with more locals than tourists. It is one of the oldest districts of Japan, where you can clearly feel local culture and tradition. And even though modern buildings and shopping centres keep emerging around Ueno and Asakusa, the very heart of the district is represented by edifices that cannot change, such as Tokyo’s oldest temple, Senso-Ji. Despite the encroaching modernity, Sumida – Asakusa and Ueno are the districts that best represent the spirit of old Tokyo. Which is why this neighbourhood is visited mostly by those tourists who seek to learn the taste of Tokyo’s long traditions.

A peaceful street in Tokyo

The neighbouring institutions and restaurants match the peaceful climate of this part of Tokyo. Meetings in a narrow circle, small establishments and the charming atmosphere of Kappabashi – those are the elements characteristic of this part of the city. In the neighbouring squares, you can encounter fortune tellers and quiet places serving sweet beverages. All this is connected with Kappabashi, which is an excellent starting place for a stroll around the cultural areas of Tokyo. Kappabashi looks just as exciting during the day as in the evening, when the local buildings and landscapes are illuminated by street lamps.

A street between districts

Make sure to see the Kappabashi street while in Tokyo. It is a unique place that will help you find some peace as you tour the noisy and busy capital of Japan. Visiting Kappabashi is an excellent opportunity to see the neighbouring districts – Ueno and Asakusa, which will give you insight in Tokyo traditions of the past.

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